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Moore Park

If you're looking for a homey neighbourhood that's practically within spitting distance of downtown, you would be well advised to take a look at Moore Park Toronto. Like neighbouring Rosedale, Moore Park has more parkland and larger lots than you would expect to find in a neighbourhood this close to downtown. The neighbourhood is an irregularly shaped one, taking its boundaries not from straight streets but from the Mount Pleasant Cemetery to the north, the Canadian Pacific railway tracks to the south and two ravines (the Moore Park ravine and the Rosedale ravine) to the east and west respectively.

Development began fairly late in Moore Park, at least for central Toronto neighbourhood. There wasn't much interest in the area due to its near impassible terrain until in 1891 when John Thomas Moore constructed two bridges, one over each of the ravines. With the arrival of railway service came eager buyers looking to set up their own private estates in a neighbourhood that was literally cut off and shielded from the rest of the city by the ravines. The neighbourhood was named for Moore, who had effectively created it, and was absorbed into the city of Toronto less than twenty years later.

Like its neighbour to the south, Rosedale, Moore Park was designed as an enclave for the well-to-do. The streets follow the terrain rather than plowing a straight line, so through traffic is kept to a minimum. Much of the original terrain and forest has been preserved, either as a barrier to the rest of the city or as decoration for private and public parks, giving the neighbourhood a very quiet, leafy feel. Residents of Moore Park are very insular, coming together with one another for neighbourhood celebrations but not welcoming connections with the noisy, bustling city beyond their borders. Many of the homeowners hold high positions in business, education, or public life.

Developed around the same time and marketed to the same demographic as Rosedale, the home sizes and styles you'll find in Moore Park are also very similar to what you might see in Rosedale or Riverdale Toronto Real Estate . Most of the houses were built in the early to mid 1900s in styles that were popular among the wealthy elites of the day. This includes Tudor, Edwardian, Georgian, Queen Anne, and Victorian, though many of the homes draw architectural influences from two or more styles. Emphasis is on tasteful displays of wealth, both in terms of home and lot size and in terms of architectural features like columns or decorative stonework.

There are some neighbourhoods in Toronto and other cities that were designed as havens for the wealthy but have since been transformed into lower or middle class districts by subdividing or replacing homes. This has not happened in Moore Park. Once made for the wealthy this neighbourhood has stayed wealthy. A standard sized two storey home sells for an average of $990,000, while larger homes cost upwards of $2,145,000. You won't find many homes in this neighbourhood smaller than a standard two storey and few to no condos or apartments.

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